About Me

Me, aged 4 on my tricycle

I was born in Trinidad in the West Indies in 1956. Bikes have always been a part of my life. I got my first set of wheels when I was about 3 (my parents obviously knew where my future lay). When I was about 6 or 7 my Dad took me to an athletics meeting.  I wasn't that interested in the athletics but there were some track bike races (on the clay running track) which really caught my imagination. Apparently at every opportunity thereafter I used to race round our garden on my first fixed wheel bike (stabilisers removed) pretending to be a track racer and flattening anyone who got in my way!

With Barry Hoban after the 2014 Tour de Broads
I seized any opportunity to go to track races and my first hero was Roger Gibbon - who rode for Trinidad and Tobago and won several medals in the 1960's. In 1969 we moved back to Britain and I began to take a closer interest in road cycling. The two riders who most inspired me then were Eddy Merckx and Barry Hoban. I also got my first proper road bike - a Coventry Eagle with 5 speed derailleur gears. We lived in the Chilterns so I had plenty of opportunities to practice my hill climbing. Riding to and from school involved a couple of quite testing climbs. My bike also gave me freedom and independence and together with friends I used to go on long rides at weekends - 60-80 miles and occasionally over 100 miles.

Starting the Saxon Classic for Prostate Cancer UK
As I moved around for my job I was able to ride in lots of different parts of Britain - the East Midlands, north Wales, Scotland, north east England and East Anglia. I've done a bit of road racing and time trialling - with lots of enthusiasm but little success. Opportunities for riding reduced somewhat along the way with family priorities and the increasing demands of my job.

Riding the 2015 Tour of Cambridgeshire
I retired from full time work in 2010 and decided this was a good opportunity to get back in the saddle. I haven't looked back since and now ride over 10,000 miles each year. I try to get out most days - doing around 50 miles with at least one century ride every week. A turbo trainer in my garage means that very wet weather provides no excuse for not riding. My bikes of choice are Campagnolo equipped Bianchi's - Passione Celeste! The burgeoning sportive scene provides plenty of opportunities to channel my latent racing tendencies. I've enjoyed some great events across the east of England and beyond. And I've achieved some quite decent times.