Thursday 25 May 2017

Destination Doughnuts (LGD - 353 Days)
Thursday 25 May 2017, 110 Miles

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Following last Sunday’s century ride with Boudicca’s tribe to north west Norfolk and Tuesday’s century to Mordor (the Fens) I decided that today I would put in another century, this time by riding east to Orford. Three centuries in five days – I’ll take that! Actually, I had hoped to ride a century yesterday as well. Events conspired against me though and I had to spend the morning at my desk so I was only able to sneak out in the afternoon for a fifty round by Lavenham.

Now you may be wondering why I was clipped in to my desk and not to my pedals? Well, I’m currently working on a hush-hush project which should come to fruition in a couple of months. So yesterday I was working with the project’s secret squirrel department on some PR and marketing stuff (think photoshoot and, possibly, filming). Ha, has that got your attention? Good. My agent/publicist has told me that in the run up to the launch of the top-secret project I need to tantalize and titillate my readers – you – to build up an air of anticipation and expectation. Now many of you will know that I am quite a plain speaking and straightforward person, not much given to tantalizing and titillating. Well, I hope I’ve done enough to pique your interest so let’s move swiftly back to today’s outing.

Another sunny day beckoned; is this the start of the much-mooted heatwave? I decided to ride with the Infinito today and there were no complaints in that direction. The XR1 is still resting from Sunday’s outing and the Impulso is grounded until I can fit some new tyres (on order). I followed the standard route today from home via Debenham and Woodbridge with a little diversion to the quay at Bawdsey.

As I was at Bawdsey at 11:00am I paused to observe the one minute silence for those killed and injured following the recent horrific events in Manchester. I find events like this deeply disturbing and I can hardly imagine what those who have been directly affected must be feeling and thinking. As a writer, words can be such inadequate tools for expressing emotions at times this. Silence and quiet reflection are often the best way to show support and solidarity. Setting off from Bawdsey to rejoin the route was not easy. At least I was fortunate to be able to carry on and enjoy myself. For many in Manchester, just getting going again is going to be a formidable challenge.

By now the sun was really doing its stuff and it was getting quite hot. As I headed up from Alderton through Hollesley and Butley towards Orford, I had the benefit of a very slight breeze – not enough to add to the riding workload yet just enough to be cooling. Cresting the rise approaching Orford I could feel the Infinito straining and trying to raise the pace. It’s been a while since we were last here and I’m guessing it was picking up on some of the familiar landmarks.

Orford, when we arrived, was humming. With the coming bank holiday weekend I guess a lot of folk are making a week of it and staying locally. The quayside was about as busy as I have ever seen it. We did a couple of quick laps of the quay to take in the sights and then it was back into the village for the main event of the day – our lunch stop at the Pump Street Bakery. I had a very tasty mini-baguette filled with local ham and leaves; the Infinito plumped for its usual raspberry doughnut. The baguette, accompanied by a nice cold Elderflower drink hit the spot. As we left Orford the Inifinito was positively purring so I’m suspect that the doughnut wasn’t bad either!

We headed back on the final forty miles home via Saxmundham, Framlingham, Stradbroke and Eye. It was pretty hot so we stopped briefly in Stradbroke for a cold drink (me) and an ice cream (Infinito) as well as a water bottle top up (both of us). This was a really lovely day in the saddle and I hope that there will be many more to follow over the coming weeks.

All being well on the 25th of May next year I should be riding from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on my Trans USA Tour. Lot of people have been asking me about this so I’m going to create a new page on this website to blether and brag about it. And, for the avoidance of doubt, this is NOT the secret project that I started off trying to tantalize and titillate you with. Patience readers, patience.

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