Thursday 13 August 2015

Preparation Time

Sadly no riding today - preparation was the order of business. First up I gave the Bianchi a wash and polish so it now sparkles and looks like new. My garden livestock were quite impressed with the end result!

One sparkling Bianchi Impulso
Then I gathered together all the bits and pieces I'll need - inner tubes, a spare (folding tyre), chain degreaser and lube etc etc. After getting the equipment together I did some 'inside' work loading the route files onto my Garmin and making sure that I had all the other information (accommodation details etc.).

I also spent a little time looking at the route in a bit more detail to get a better sense of what was to come. But I decided that this was in danger of becoming mildly obsessive so I packed it in and decided to adopt a more take it as it comes approach - we'll see if this holds.

Bye bye Bianchi - see you at Land' End!
Finally this evening I took my bike over to the tour leader Martyn Ryan at ACT sop he could load it into the support van and take it down to Penzance. I'm guessing that the next time I see the Bianchi will be at Land's End on Sunday morning .......

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